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How to go from
1980s Graphic Designer
to Digital Strategist?

Laura and I have been friends for many years and initially I didn’t want to involve her in the design of the image for my Bed&Breakfast because I thought it would be more effective to work with someone I didn’t know, as I thought that I would get a more objective opinion that way. But as soon as I found myself having doubts about the work and talking to her about them, I immediately understood that Laura was the right person for the job. The proof that I was right are the many awards we have won together.

Olivier Lunghini, Le Coffret

To us, the five editions of the QdE Award have been a great experience that allowed us to closely collaborate with a prestigious partner like ADI and to get to know and interact with highly renowned designers. In the 2012 edition, the work of Laura Ferrario immediately impressed us deeply (and won the Prize), due to the perfect union between highly aesthetical and strongly evocative elements in tune with the target, and graphic signs linked to the territory. A masterful example of how Graphic Design can combine aesthetical appearance and marketing needs.

Lucia Barzanò, Mosnel

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