I am  an
Visual Designer.


From paper to the web,
I can assist my customer at 360°

My name is Laura, I am an Evolved Visual Designer by passion.

Why have I defined myself like this?
Because designing to me has always been a process focused on my clients, on listening and understanding their needs.
But that’s not all: I have evolved over time, always following the trends of my industry, and addressing worlds that go beyond traditional graphic design such as the Digital and New Media.
I listened to and followed the spirit of the times, offering my experience combined with the new opportunities yielded by the web to propose a complete and all-round form of communication.

My creativity reached an important peak when I was 10 years old and won a contest for the Duomo in Milan where I reproduced an actual glass window.
That was when my motto became “When I grow up, I’ll be a graphic designer”.

+30. And this year I celebrate:
ThirtYears of projects, ThirtYears of passion for what I love doing.

In my view, doing Visual Design means tailoring every single project, making it unique. In fact, I would say that the phrase that most represents me is: “For all those companies who want to race at the pace of the world, but also catch the glance of those who observe them”.

I face the biggest challenges with creativity, attracting the attention of those who are bombarded with visual inputs every day!

Where do I start? With the sign, like primitive peoples or children, I express myself by means of it to then create an image, as a primary need of communication.

Communication tools are infinite although my favourite one is still paper, with its thousand nuances that are enhanced through our senses: touch, thanks to embossing, thicknesses or materials; sight, with the various printing techniques; hearing, with the turning of the pages; and smell, that unmistakable scent of ink.

My secret is to never stop!
In a world that keeps moving faster and faster, what’s important is understanding from what point of view things are observed, with the right rhythm.

Working in different sectors every day means having only one specialisation: quality.

Laura Ferrario

My Space

Close to the Navigli, one of Milan’s artists’ districts, is my studio, with its 60 sqm in a renovated and very welcoming building. I like to work alone, but whenever I get the chance, I host someone in my office, either to collaborate on a project or because that person needs a temporary space.

My hobbies


I started sailing at 14, in England, to combine a passion and a duty! Since then it has been a crescendo: I worked as a sailing instructor at the Velamareclub, and when I got my license at 25, I took my friends out to sea. Now I have others take me!


One of my greatest passions is definitely skiing. The first time I wore skis, I was only 3 years old, but it was not love at first sight. In fact, only at the age of 30 did it become an essential sport to me. Later I discovered free ride, which unleashed the more intrepid side of myself. Whenever I can, I escape from the city and take a ride off-piste to free my mind.


I love to travel, but I prefer discovering new countries in unusual ways: I will always remember when, as much as 30 years ago, I found myself in Bali at a popular cremation rite, where they were celebrating at least 100 dead. There were only a few Europeans present, but I loved how integrated I felt in the commemoration.


One of the most appreciated gifts I ever got – from my mom – when I was 16 years old, was my first Pentax. Sailing and travelling were my first subjects, but then a dear friend convinced me to immortalize his wedding and since then, all my friends have commissioned me to shoot for them.

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