Much more than a name and a logo, branding is the promise made to a customer of offering what the brand represents, in terms of benefits that are not only functional, but also emotional, social, and self-expressive. I create entirely new images and deal with the restyling of already existing communications, by making them consistent and in tune with the brand’s other marketing tools.

Web Design

I make and develop fast, impactful and interactive websites. My projects are always conceived to include an easy to use and independent content management system.


The range of tools you can use to build the corporate image and values is very wide, especially if you make things “to measure”. Among the most common ones, I can quote the creation of corporate brochures, business cards, fliers, letterhead paper, with a dedicated graphic design. My background is in traditional graphic design, so I am able to propose solutions that range from the mere graphic creation to the delivery of the overall and complete project.


Packaging project and visual design solutions. I study the feasibility and graphic design for each visual communication. A “turn-key” packaging. In particular, labels are conceived and created following an accurate design process, with original illustrations and graphic designs that consider the type of product and its marketing positioning. By means of packaging product design, I try to help companies to tell the story of each one of their products, evoking sensations that can trigger the imagination of those who will purchase them.

New Media

I create, manage and develop customized corporate profiles on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin. Instagram, and Pinterest) and work out the respective digital marketing strategies.


I design and create personalized and “made to measure” trade fair stands. My projects are conceived following the themes and design requirements of each fair or event.
Furthermore, I also design and equip points of sale, from the shop sign to the interior concept.


I create new corporate brands or restyle existing ones to truly represent the identity of the company and help it distinguish itself from its competitors, yet never losing sight of consistency with its other communication tools.


My job consists in offering consultancy to those companies that need to create their own identity, to make it younger or truly unique. I can deal with the entire project, in collaboration with my external “specialists”, or collaborate only on a part of it, in coordination with other internal and external actors. I thus work not only as a supplier, but insert myself into the process as an actual partner.

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