How can you go from Graphic Designer to Digital Strategist? Easy, by becoming a partner in a hamburger Bistrot.

The DuePiùTre project was a turning point in my evolution from traditional graphic designer to digital strategist. In fact, a bistrot needs communication strategies that go well beyond traditional communication. It needs to be integrated with the new means of communication, such as social media, which need to be correctly managed in order to create contents that truly convey the project and its underlying philosophy. Five friends who shared a passion for food and its culture embarked on this new adventure: my role was to deal with the communication on the point of sale on every level, from the logo to the signs, from the website to social networks, from the wallpaper to the signage.

DuePiùTre was conceived as a small bistrot with dishes inspired on revisited American Street Food and on a made in Italy taste. The establishment was decorated and furnished in such a way that people would feel at home, in a familiar place. We chose a bulldog for the logo because it represented the mascot of the United States Navy in the First World War and because it is the dog owned by one of the partners. Since the name of the bistrot and the logo did not fully convey everything that the establishment offered, I conceived the payoff “More than hamburgers with an Italian taste” to enhance all the potential of our philosophy.

My personal “digital revolution” allowed me to personally experience the importance of social media and the power they have in reaching their target of reference. They are in fact a tool aimed not only at increasing sales, but also at communicating our passion and the quality of the ingredients and services we offer. This is what allowed me to get to know the customers at DuePiùTre better and to keep personalizing our products to meet their needs.



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