Souvenir of Italy: a small Visual Book with many inspirations to get to know Cordenons’ Stardream paper.

Capture all the beauty that you experience during a trip, the beauty that not even photographs are able to capture. The colored stalls full of souvenirs, iconic objects that will forever remind you of that trip once you get back home. The Gondolas, stamps, and glimpses of landscapes are associated to the precious Stardream Paper, and immediately throw us into a sophisticated game of reflections, in which printing effects play a particularly functional role in suggesting the infinite possibilities of use. The idea of the souvenir thus comes from a precise idea, to make the user immediately perceive the sensations of paper as well as its infinite possibilities of use. Stardream is a paper composed by metallic, perlage and prismatic colors, necessary to confer an “astral effect” to the work of any designer or printer, thus meeting the ever more sophisticated needs of contemporary trends.
The final result is a small visual book that is very useful for printers, advertising experts and graphic designers. Inside it, you can easily read about the most various uses of Stardream paper, such as Dry embossing, silk-screen printings, thermography, offset golds, fluorescent colors, laser die-cuts. By means of these processes, you can transform humble objects into small pieces of art. Objects that are reminiscent of Italy, because Stardream is an all-Italian product and this was one of the main aspects the customer wanted to underline.
When you create a project from the point of view of paper, you need to combine your creativity with an excellent technical knowledge: to make sure that a project can convey sensations, that it works, and that it can be correctly executed, you need to perfectly know printing techniques and materials.
The reader’s curiosity is immediately triggered by a cover made with a cross-shaped cover assembled without glue: by means of little windows you can get a glimpse of the details of a typical market stall.
A project like this was possible only thanks to the help of a great printer like Giuseppe Musmeci from Fontegrafica, who, together with Giancarlo Bonissoni, helped me and guided me in the creation of this Visual Book. Today this would be child’s play, but in 2002 it was a true adventure.

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