Moronigomma: not just rubber.

Moroni Gomma was born in 1919 and it quickly became a point of reference for design with its showroom in Matteotti in Milan. In fact, inside the showroom you can find gift items, home décor objects, and stationery items signed by the most important international brands. The peculiarity of Moroni Gomma is the constant need to innovate yet keep up with the pace of the spirit of the times.

This is why the project was initially born as a label, but quickly became a brand: my goal was to use a square – the symbol of the store – to frame the great variety of objects present in the point of sale, thus making the heterogeneous package of attractive proposals explicit. Not only in the shape, but also in the colors and choice of materials: from the rubber boot to kitchen tools and up to fashion items such as glasses.


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