Luca Calzature historical store in corso Vercelli in Milan

When I was asked to work with this historical store in Milan, in Corso Vercelli, I had to tackle an image that did not at all reflect what the store had on sale and on display. My contribution was that of performing a restyling of the brand, with the one limitation that the brand had been registered with the name “Luca” inside an oval shape. This meant that I could intervene only on the font, the oval shape around the name, and the colors. The result was transforming an apathetic brand into one with a strong personality.
I used the same fonts to create brands for the secondary lines, that is “Luca Simone” for the basic line, and “Luca Store” for the outlet.
As far as the shopping bag is concerned, I used plastic laminated paper in basic colors: white, black, and burgundy to obtain a sophisticated and high-quality product. For the outlet, I chose very colorful plastic shopping bags to interpret the tastes of a public with different needs and styles.


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