Bistrot & Gourmet
on the slopes at Courmayeur.

For the restyling of La Chaumiere, located on the ski slopes in Courmayeur, I attempted to convey values that I thought could communicate conviviality, tradition, genuineness, and family tranquility. This facility hosts both a gourmet restaurant and a bistrot. The goal was to combine these two atmospheres to enhance the passion for genuine and traditional ingredients. On the one hand, the typical bistrot philosophy for those who choose to make a quick break without sacrificing great taste to charge their batteries before hitting the slopes again. On the other, the Gourmet restaurant for those who prefer to prolong their stay and savor all the treasures of the Aosta Valley cuisine. I studied an image that could best represent the mountainous landscape, the sense of hospitality that only a family can offer, and the love of cooking for a break of culinary excellence.


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