in one single solution.

Candiani is a company from the region of Brianza, a leader in the packaging industry for high-end cosmetic products. Their need was to re-design the catalogue by means of a restyling operation to give it a newer and fresher look.
More than just a catalogue, we tried to represent the activity of the company in all its production stages, to allow customers to perceive the value behind their products, as well as to include all the necessary information in one single product.
The catalogue was printed in three languages, but the Italian text was highlighted with bold characters in order to stand out from the French and English.
Light blue, pink and green were chosen to create the link with the cosmetic industry and perfumes in general. The use of product close-ups helped me to separate the various categories, and the grainy style of the images, with attractive angles, were the key to highlight the style of the packaging and to make it deliberately evanescent.


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